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*Attention* If you're planning on selling your business you must notify the Trust prior to settlement.

LOGO Program FAQ

Q. Are all businesses providing motorist or tourist services eligible to participate?

A. There are specific criteria which each type of business must meet to participate in the Pennsylvania Logo Signing Program.  Refer to the Guidelines to help you determine if your business qualifies.

Q. How will it be determined what businesses have priority if more businesses want to participate than can be accommodated?

A. Priority will be determined by the closeness in distance from the exit ramp. Those businesses nearest the exit ramp terminal of an interchange shall be given the first priority for signing.

Q. How will the distance be measured to determine if my business meets the mileage eligibility criteria?

A. Distance will be measured from the end of the exit ramp to the nearest business entrance.

Q. How much will it cost to participate in the Pennsylvania Logo Signing Program?

A.   The Participation fees are set for mainline signs (the large sign along the freeway), for ramp signs (smaller signs with directional arrow along the exit ramp) and the trailblazers (smaller signs with arrow along the network of local roads).  A mainline sign is required in order to obtain a ramp and/or trailblazer sign. Participation Fee Structure

Q. Once I am in the Program, can my logo signs be removed?

A. Yes, your business logo signs may be removed for a variety of reasons (e.g., business closes, no longer meets eligibility criteria, non-payment of fees, bumping by closer business, etc.).

Q.  What is bumping?

A.  Bumping may be initiated by a closer business when the available sign space within a service category is filled.  Businesses that succeed in bumping must pay additional fees; participants that are bumped from a sign may receive a pro-rata refund of participation fees (see the Guidelines for more detail).  No participating business may be bumped from a sign during the first 5 years of participation.

Q. How will the signs be maintained?

A. The Administrator for the Trust is responsible for maintaining all signs and replacing signs that have faded or have been destroyed.

Q. Where can I purchase my business logo signs?

A. Any PennDOT approved sign manufacturer can manufacture business logo signs.  The Administrator maintains an abbreviated list of the approved manufacturers that commonly manufacture business logo signs.  The business participant is responsible to coordinate the quantity, size, and the design of business logo signs with the Administrator, prior to fabrication.