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*Attention* If you're planning on selling your business you must notify the Trust prior to settlement.


Q. What types of businesses are eligible to participate?

A. There are specific criteria which each type of business must meet to participate in the TODS Program.  Refer to the Guidelines to help you determine if your business qualifies.

Q. How will it be determined what businesses have priority if more businesses want to participate than can be accommodated?

A. Priority will be determined by the dates of applications.

Q. Where can my business be signed?

A. Eligible businesses may be signed from the nearest Conventional Road with an average of at least 2,000 vehicles per day.  The maximum travel distance that a business may be situated from the intersection of such a road is 5 miles.

Q. May my business be signed along an Interstate Highway or Freeway?

A. TODS are not approved along Interstate Highways and other Freeways; however, your business may qualify for logo signs along Interstate Highways and other Freeways through the Pennsylvania Logo Signing Program.

Q. How big are the TODS signs?

A. The standard size TODS sign is 72” wide x 24” high and is typically used for rural locations.  A smaller size TODS sign for urban locations and other locations with limited right-of-way is 48” wide x 16” high.

Q. How much will it cost to participate in the TODS Program?

A. One standard size TODS sign costs $800, and one smaller size TODS sign costs $650.  These are one-time costs to the participant for the useful life of each sign (in addition to the application fee).

Q. How will the TODS sign be maintained?

A. It is the responsibility of the TODS owner to report damaged TODS to the Trust’s Administrator.  The Administrator is responsible for scheduling the maintenance on the signs, however the business owner is responsible for the cost incurred to repair, reset or replace the signs, up to a maximum of the cost of a new sign.