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*Attention* If you're planning on selling your business you must notify the Trust prior to settlement.

TODS Sign Maintenance & Contracting

Participants in the TODS program do not pay an annual fee.  However, participants are responsible for actual repair costs if a sign is damaged or missing.

New TODS participants will be required to sign a TODS Agreement with the PA Tourism Signing Trust. The participating business will be billed for the new sign and required to pay prior to the new sign being fabricated and installed.

Businesses that participated in the TODS program prior to November 2011 will be required to sign a new TODS Agreement with the Trust.  This will normally be done at the time any repair or maintenance is required on the participant’s sign.  The participating business will need to meet the new TODS Guidelines.

The PA Tourism Signing Trust may require the TODS be replaced due to fading, damage or other defects from general wear and weathering.  The participating business will be notified by the PA Tourism Signing Trust that the TODS must be replaced at the current cost of a new TODS.