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*Attention* If you're planning on selling your business you must notify the Trust prior to settlement.

TODS General Eligibility

TODS may be authorized along conventional roads, either urban or rural, for eligible types of participating businesses as defined in the TODS Guidelines which meet the general eligibility requirements, and are approved by the local municipalities within which the TODS are to be located.

Additional eligibility requirements may apply depending upon the type of highway and the type of area where the TODS are to be installed.

  • The maximum distance from the intersection for which participating businesses can be trail blazed and qualify for TODS is 5 miles.
  • TODS will not be installed when prohibited by local ordinance.
  • If a general admission is charged, it shall be collected upon entry and any other charges shall be clearly displayed at the place of entry.
  • No business will be excluded from the TODS program based on attendance.
  • Participating businesses shall maintain regular hours and schedules and be open to the general public at least six days each week for at least 30 days per calendar year unless otherwise indicated in the TODS Guidelines.
  • Will not be authorized if an illegal advertising sign exists along any State Highway for that specific business, or if a legal advertising sign exists on the same highway approach as the request for the TODS.
  • Space must exist to install signs at all locations along the route to the participating business where a turn is required.
  • The participating business must have an on-premise sign identifying the name of the facility.
  • The participating business shall have adequate on-premise or available on-street parking for patrons.
  • The location of the participating business shall not require motorists to perform any illegal movements or U-turns.
  • TODS that are placed to trailblaze to a participant in the Logo program and are located on roadways operated by State or Federal agencies do not require the approval of local authorities.